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JLB+Agency Insight

Agency Insight (AI) is a leading global agency search and marketing procurement consultancy headquartered in London. In addition to global capabilities, AI has significant regional and country experience throughout Europe and the Middle East. JLB+P has partnered with AI since 2002, successfully teaming up on a number of global and pan-regional engagements for marketers such as J&J, Nissan, BP, Vodafone, Lenovo, GM, and SC Johnson.

If you are interested in consulting services specific to Europe or the Middle East, please contact Andrew Melsom.


JLB+Advantage Media

Advantage Media, Inc. (AMI) is the leading media auditing and stewardship company in the United States. AMI’S focus is providing advertisers with the essential facts, insights, objective expertise, and operational tools to not only effectively evaluate the state of their media investments, but also to advise them on how to improve the value of their efforts.

JLB+P has partnered with AMI since 2007. They have effectively worked with us to provide pricing analyses for major global and national media agency reviews, including GM, J&J, Levi’s, Walgreens, AB-InBev, and SC Johnson.

If you are specifically interested in media auditing services, please contact Matthew Reiss.


JLB+Integra Marketing

Rosario Cuellar of Integra Marketing is a leading consultant in agency search and client-agency relationship management for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market. JLB+P has partnered with Integra since 2010, and we have successfully worked together on behalf of a number of marketers such as Visa, GM, Kellogg’s, BBVA and Grow Boating.

In addition to its work with JLB+P, Integra has extensive agency search and performance evaluation experience working for clients such as SABMiller, MillerCoors, TJX, and Jim Beam.

If you are interested in services for the Latin American region or U.S. Hispanic marketing, contact Rosario Cuellar.

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