Agency Fees

For the majority of marketers who employ a fee-based method of compensation, the question of “what is fair to pay” is a common concern. Marketers also often struggle to achieve a time-efficient negotiation and tracking of their agency fees.

JLB + Partners (JLB+P) has been addressing these questions since 1972, and we have deep and current benchmarks across most every type of agency service.

Our fee evaluation services include:

  • Analysis and benchmarking of agency labor and/or commission rates: with recommendations on what is fair and reasonable to continue or adjust
  • Assessment of agency overhead allocation
  • Client-agency relationship “health check”, including assessment and benchmarking of agency account P&L
  • Pro and con assessment of retainer vs. project fees
  • Format and process for requesting and evaluating agency fee proposals and financials
  • Fee negotiation management and counsel
  • Structuring and managing ongoing agency time and fee tracking (“burn reports”)

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