Agency Compensation

JLB + Partners (JLB+P) is the world’s leading expert in agency remuneration, pay for performance (incentive) compensation, and contracting best practices. We have analyzed billions of dollars in agency fees and possess extensive benchmarks covering the costs, labor rates, commission rates, and incentive structures for all types of agencies around the globe.

We have recently expanded our offering with the development of best-in-class contract templates, covering the clauses needed in today’s changing marketing and media landscape for creative, digital, media, and other agency services.

In addition to our consulting work, we are authors of the ANA’s Trends in Agency Compensation and Trends in Digital Agency Compensation surveys and the Agency Compensation Guidebook.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation and benchmarking of agency compensation and contracts
  • Financial health check of existing agency relationships
  • Negotiation of agency compensation and contract terms
  • Structuring performance incentive compensation (“pay for performance”)
  • Contract terms review and negotiation
  • Contract drafting, using best practice contract clause templates for different agency types
  • Regular review and reconciliation of agency scope of work, time, and fees (quarterly or monthly)
  • Development of compensation guidelines/guidebooks for client marketing and procurement/strategic sourcing teams
  • Training and workshops on the subject of agency compensation evaluation

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