Agency Agreements

Contracts, MSA’s and other contractual documents)

JLB + Partners (JLB+P) has developed proprietary best-in-class contract templates, covering the clauses needed in today’s changing marketing and media landscape for creative, digital, media, and other agency services.

Our contract recommendations are based on the review of hundreds of MSA’s and related contract exhibits across a wide variety of national and global marketers and agency types.

Our contract tools and services include:

  • Contract/MSA templates specific to full-service advertising, creative, media, and digital agencies, each of which contains all common and best practice Terms and Exhibits that can be reviewed and precisely tailored to a marketer’s governance standards and practices. These templates are accompanied by an excel tool with over 70 clauses that can be compared to your existing contract terms.
  • Evaluation of your existing contract and exhibits, with recommendations for revising or adding to your contract terms to ensure your agency agreement is current and following best practices.
  • Negotiation of your agency contract terms. We can either handle the negotiations directly on your behalf or provide behind-the-scenes counsel for your negotiation strategy and subsequent response to agency redlines and counter-proposals.
  • Advice and counsel on contract exhibits such as compensation terms, agency scope of work, conflicts, and media pricing commitments.

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