Our Story

Jones Lundin Beals + Partners (JLB+P) is the oldest and most experienced consultancy specializing in issues of agency search, compensation and relationship management.

The company was founded in 1973 by Charles B. (Chuck) Jones. Bob Lundin soon joined the firm and purchased it in 1988, changing the name to Jones Lundin Associates. Stan Beals joined the firm in 1987, and with his son Dave, bought the firm in 2000, rebranding it as Jones Lundin Beals.

JLB+P has long been a leading industry voice and pioneer. We were among the first firms to effectively move marketers from media commissions to fee-based compensation. We were also among the first to apply the principles of executive performance compensation to structure successful “pay for performance” agency compensation.

In his role as president, Dave Beals was among the first in the industry to recognize the importance of a global perspective in helping clients manage their agency relationships. Dave has forged long-standing partnerships with leading and like-minded agency relationship management specialists in Asia, Europe, and Latin America, making JLB+P a trusted advisor to top global marketers today.

JLB+P consultants are regularly called upon to provide our perspective on the subjects of agency sourcing, search and selection; agency compensation (remuneration); and agency performance. We are the authors of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) guidebooks and “Insights Briefs” on these subjects and speak regularly at the ANA and other marketing and agency industry venues.


JLB+P is available to help you with your needs in the following areas: