David Quinnert

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    Since joining JLB+P in 2009, David has provided agency compensation counsel to Wal-Mart, Visa, Microsoft, Adobe, ConAgra, Alberto-Culver and SunTrust.  He also manages our Agency Contracting best practice services.

    David brings extensive agency experience and an insider’s perspective to his Clients. His background includes thirty years at BBDO in financial management positions, including CFO of the Chicago office. His principle responsibilities included overseeing the negotiation and stewardship of all client compensation agreements, all aspects of the agency’s corporate budget and profit plan, and managing internal client profit and loss performance to ensure agency profitability.

    Prior to joining JLB+P, David founded Ad Compensation, Inc. in 2003 to provide marketers with outside expertise and best practices in evaluating, negotiating, auditing and stewarding compensation agreements with their marketing services agencies to assure fair costs and best practices.  David began his career as an auditor with Arthur Anderson, LLP, a Certified Public Accounting firm.

    David has a B.A. from Northwestern University.